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To use this site, follow the simple instructions. Some important features are listed below:

  • Use the blue menu tab in the upper right corner to navigate the site
  • The faq and help links at the top of the page provide answers to common questions. Please try to find the answer here on the site first before contacting Thomas Lake.
  • The "Manage Club" link in the menu is reserved for club representatives. This link may only be accessed with a proper user ID and password. Please speak to your club representative for details.
  • The news section found on this page will display any important news. The upcoming events section will display details of the next 6 tournaments. Visit the tournament schedule link to see a full listing of upcoming tournaments.
  • Any website difficulties may be reported to juniors@aloharegion.com
upcoming events
McKinley High School: B-16U
McKinley High School: B-17U
TBA: G-18U
TBA: G-16U
TBA: G-14U


All rostered adults; Coaches, Chaperones and Representatives must be Registered, Back Ground Checked, Impact and Safesport Certified.

(New) 2018 Season - Accredidation Classes
Sign-Ups will start December 1, 2017. Teams that sign up before then will be removed. All teams must be accompanied by a COACH, CHAPERONE or PARENT. If not your teams will not be allowed into the class.

How To Sign-up for Officiating Classes - 2018 Seas
Use the same Login information for tournament registration. Follow the link. Clubs that can secure a venue for referee clinics may email to schedule a class of 50 or more players. Email adultvolleyball@yahoo.com for reservations.

Aloharegionjuniors.org Website
All junior information has been migrated to the new site. This old site (aloharegion.com website) will be used for TOURNAMENT & CLINIC REGISTRATION ONLY! (Posted 10.15.09)

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